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PIV Course on March 20-24, 2017

Please note: Registration for the PIV Course 2017 is closed due to the maximum number of applications being achieved. However, you may put your contact details on the waiting list for eventually unoccupied seats.

For further information, please visit our Website.

Concerning technical issuses during your registration, please contact:
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The participants of the international conference come from different countries including countries which are under very extensive United Nations' Embargoes which comprise even dual use goods listed in e. g. the EU Dual Use Regulations. We therefore strongly recommend all participants who present scientific results or know-how on this conference to assure before presenting results which are new and not previously published that the respective results are not under any United Nation Embargo or any applicable embargo regulation as e. g. EU embargo regulations, that the results are not listed on the European list of Dual-use-goods and if so to get any necessary export licenses before presenting the results. DLR cannot take over any responsibility or liability for compliance with export control laws and regulations by the conference participants from other institutions and organizations who present their results. They are themselves responsible and liable for their compliance with the applicable European export control laws.